every here and then (a sweet saying my family likes to use😉 i like to give some suggestions. things that have been beautifully and hugely helpful for my heart and journey over the years and recently.


  • Listening to Love – Jan Meyers
  • It’s Your Call – Gary Barkalow
  • The Cure – John Lynch
  • Moving Mountains – John Eldridge (really all of Ransomed Heart’s books and message)
  • Carry On, Warrior – Glennon Doyle Melton
  • Love Wins & How To Be Here – Rob Bell
  • every single Shauna Niequist book. thank you very much.
  • For The Love – Jen Hatmaker
  • 1,000 Gifts – Anne Voskamp
  • Heart of a Warrior – Michael Thompson


  • and John Lynch’s sermons… seriously every single one.
  • Robcast
  • Ransomed Heart
  • Gary Barkalow’s campfire conversations on youtube
  • Wednesday Morning Rescue – Michael Thompson and Zoweh Ministries

music (recently):

  • Needtobreathe’s new album
  • Katie and Bryan Torwalt – Champion (album)
  • Jesus Culture – Let It Echo (album)
  • Resurrecting by Elevation (song)
  • United Pursuit – Simple Gospel (album)
  • Lauren Daigle (artist)
  • Steffany Gretzinger – The Undoing (album)

these are a few of many that lead to more and deeper life. please let me know if you are hoping for more. and PLEASE always send things you think i will love!! i am on spotify and have quite a few playlists if you want to check them out🙂


to becoming love,


Tarzan & Jesus

i saw the movie The Legend of Tarzan the other day, and i cant get it out of my head. the reason is because that very morning i was asking Jesus to romance me, i was asking Him to help me see His Love for me and that it would breakthrough a little deeper to become more and more of a reality, no longer merely head knowledge.

backing up a bit… my parents do conferences to take men and women deeper into the Love-Knowing of Jesus. movie clips are something that they use to open eyes. movies tell stories that are true about us. they symbolize the larger story. they capture us and captivate us because they so often tell our stories. and oftentimes there is a Jesus character within a film. many times i have heard people say that Daniel Day Lewis in the Last of the Mohicans was their favorite picture of Jesus. or Richard Gere in Shall We Dance.

Tarzan quickly became mine.

a little more than half way through the movie i realized it. i found myself drawn to the mystery, the strength, the allure, the wildness, the paradox of safety and unsafety of Tarzan. as was his wife in the movie: Jane. there is passion and electricity between them. their intimacy is like off the charts, something you feel weird watching beside your dad in the 6th row seat in a movie theater. but as risqué as it sounds, i truly believe more and more that that is where we are headed with Jesus. if we are His BRIDE, if He wants all of us, all of our love, affection, devotion, if He is WILD with everything in Him, his pursuit, love for us, His very being…. then i really think this is the picture of what is to come.

now im not there yet. i am almost embarrassed to think of it this way. something in me is hesitant to surrender to this reckless abandon. but i know in my heart that it is true, and i can’t wait for the day that i love him this much.

i wont give away much, but this movie and story is one of Romance, set in a battle of a larger drama, and an epic rescue must take place. Jane needs rescuing. lives are at risk. but what was so mesmerizing was that Jane was SO POWERFULLY settled and confident in her trust of her husband. she knew that she knew that she knew he would come for her. that he was doing whatever it took to rescue her and free her and bring her back to him. that was another huge thing that struck me, he didn’t just want her to be free, he wanted her back to him.

bad guys knew of their love. she was his “weakness.” get the girl, and you got Tarzan, because she is his heart. the bad guy says “He is Tarzan, you are jane, He will come for you.” hello…. Jesus.

at another point Tarzan says to his comrade who sort of saved his life: “Do you think I care about my life? They have HER.”

he was so wild. never to be tamed. he protected her fiercely. he summoned nature to aid him in his rescue. he fought the beasts and was always victorious. he was only capable of good and justice and love.

in a scene where the bad guy and jane discourse, he says: Your husband’s wildness disturbs me more than I can easily express.

Jane: A normal man can do the impossible to save the woman he loves. My husband is no normal man.

i mean crap. what this did to my heart was so stirring, so disruptive. so Jesus.

to live like Jane, to trust my Jesus that much, it would free me to live completely untethered and wild and without restraint. to spit in the face of evil, knowing no lasting harm could come to me. to dance and laugh at whatever my future holds. to live without armor or masks because I have absolutely no need to defend myself or perform. to rest in His love and strength. that he is coming for me. he came for me. and we will be reunited and live in love. forever.

i want that.

to becoming love,



Anders and I got to go to NYC this past week and nearly sobbed leaving. it was perfect and despite me bugging him a lot, we agreed it was the best trip of our lives. 

here are some snap shots 😊 a lot need some story telling behind them so ask and I’ll tell ALL!!!

thank you Jesus for this insane experience on earth. it was a taste of what’s to come, we know it.

to becoming love,